by MACOR Industries Inc.

Must Know Facts about Tick and Tick Removal



  • Are on the increase - Worldwide
  • Are one of the most dangerous parasites
  • Can carry and transmit dangerous and potentially deadly diseases, such as:
      - Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever  
      - Lyme Diesease  
      - Infections and inflammation caused by imbedded parts   of ticks in skin due to improper tick-removal practices  
      - Unfortunately, tick-borne diseases are killing people and pets  
  • The mouthpart (or commonly referred to as the “head”) is covered with barbs, which resist being pulled out of the skin of the host.
  • If force, pulling or even worse methods are used, the mouthpart frequently breaks off and remains imbedded in the skin of the host.
  • The De-Ticker II ends messy and dangerous tick-removal practices—finally!