by MACOR Industries Inc.
Out of the large number of fan mail letters that we receive, we have selected a sampling of comments from our many satisfied customers:
Dear Sir/Madam:
I offer the De-Ticker as a safe, non-chemical, inexpensive and effective method of tick removal for our clients with pets that come in contact with ticks. We are in an area where both people and pets are afflicted with Lymes Disease. This makes our clients aware of the importance of removing ticks promptly, but often there is difficulty in doing so effectively.
I keep a De-Ticker in my exam room for tick removal on patients which come in and often after the client sees how simple it is to remove a tick with this device, they will purchase one for their own use.
Joan M. Lee, DVM
Brockway Veterinary Hospital
Brockway, PA

Dear Sirs:
I just wanted to share a recent experience with your product, the De-Ticker. I purchased one of the De-Tickers at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City to use on my dog should the need arise. The day after returning home from the show, my wife came in from a walk in the woods with our dog. She asked me to look at her back because she felt something unusual. I immediately noticed a tick had imbedded itself on her upper back. I remembered my recent purchase of the De-Ticker and put it to use. The tick came out with ease. What a great product, Thanks.
S. Smith
Virginia Beach, VA

To Whom It May Concern:
Some time back at some pet show or another, I purchased one of your DE-TICKER tick removing devices, just in case…
A few days ago I noticed our puppy Jack rubbing his ear, but didn’t really think too much about it. This morning when Jack came over for his morning hello and ear scratch I felt a lump behind his ear and when I got him to sit still long enough to take a look, I saw that is was a big, fat, happy tick enjoying himself immensely. I went to the First Aide Basket and grabbed the unopened DE-TICKER, quickly read the instructions and easily removed the tick from behind Jack’s ear. I was so happy to have had your device waiting for such an occasion and even happier that it really worked just as easily as you said it would.
I really appreciate your time and investment in making such a wonderful product! It is too bad that it is just past Christmas, because I think that this would have been a great Stocking Stuffer! I think that our whole family should have a few, one for in the house and one in the glove compartment of every car! Please let me know where I can buy more, either directly from you, or somewhere locally in our area.
Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.
Jyl Gershen-Lewis
Glen Ellen, CA

Dear Folks at MACOR Industries:
I wanted to thank you for your amazingly easy to use De-Ticker. It is consistent, painless and so easy to use even my kids can use it!
We have a cabin in eastern Washington where our dogs are often coming home with a tick or two. We just get our De-Ticker, that works every time and they are tick free! No more ineffective smothering in Vaseline, burning with a hot match end; all we do is grab, twist, and dispose of the tick.
We have already ordered more for ourselves, our friends, (they make great stocking stuffers), and even our vet that is very excited to try the De-Ticker. I am recommending to my Girl Scout friends that every first aid kit should have one!
Thank you again, your product and wonderful customer service are terrific!
Tracie and Werner Furrer
Mukilteo, WA

I have used the De-Ticker for the past five years, and am glad to have such a safe, quick way to remove ticks.
It is a pleasure to find a product that delivers 100% on what it promises.
Kathy Stone
Nassau Veterinary Clinic
Nassau, NY

We have used your De-Ticker II on ourselves and our little dog and it is 100% proven and I will recommend it to anyone I would talk to. There hasn’t even been so much as a welt after getting the tick out. We did it differently before and usually had welts or parts remained imbedded until they were absorbed and healed out.
Thank you.
Larry & Linda Geibel
East Butler, PA